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If you are planning to sell your products online, this is really a great time. Now technology makes it very simple to promote your product online and have a successful online business. When it comes to selling, online ecommerce shopping portals come very handy.

With an effective online ecommerce shopping portal you can easily manage your sells and increase your revenue. Shine Edge technologies has been developing online shopping portals from its inception. We have created many ecommerce shopping portals that tell their success stories themselves.

We use cutting edge technologies and the best online promotional methods to ensure high level of conversion on your ecommerce shopping portals. Following are the main advantages to get your ecommerce portal built with us:

  1. Integrated design – The main purpose of having an ecommerce portal is to sell online, so here it is extremely important to design a portal which appeals to the target buyers. We design to lead a typical user into a buying environment. This is possible because we worked with some of the leading ecommerce brands.
  2. All ecommerce features – Online selling is evolving and that is why you need all the crucial features integrated into your ecommerce site. Order tracking, payment management, order cancelation, feedback form, reviews, social media integration, user management, privacy and security are the main features that we design into your ecommerce portal.
  3. Real time management – These ecommerce sites run on real time. Web-based administration allows managing all the activities online.
  4. Easy to manage – We build a user friendly dash-board so that you can easily manage the back-end data without any technical expertise. All the functions are integrated in such a manner that requires only common sense to perform them.
  5. Update new features very quickly – Technology is evolving and you don’t want to feel lost when you have to integrate a new feature within your ecommerce portal. We are aware of this fact and that is the reason we give quick support to integrate that new feature with your ecommerce portal.
  6. We give warm customer support until you are done with user testing – User testing is the most important part of any web application development process. This is where you see whether you make a right investment or not. Shine Edge provides upfront support so that you don’t feel stuck at this very crucial point.
  7. Increase you conversion – We design ecommerce portals to increase your conversion rate. Our team of ecommerce experts understands various design and content elements that help you increase your sales performance online.

If you want us to lay down a blue print for your ecommerce portal success, then talk to us NOW!

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