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The Cyber Security industry is one of the specific not many that hasn't been seriously affected by the financial downturn. Numerous organizations in this area have flourished in the previous a year. In case you're in this profession, you know why that is the trouble makers are working significantly harder and the ventures can't stand to fix the security spending plan without quick results.The digital security advertise is assessed to develop from USD 122.45 Billion of every 2016 to USD 202.36 Billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.6%.


Ethical Hackers are basic to anchor PC frameworks from interruption - as expanded web use has brought about expanded security dangers. The Ethical Hacking Workshop will prepared understudies for the Information Security Industry with specialized preparing on digital security. Live hacking sessions will permit inside and out comprehension of PC server and system frameworks - which is fundamental for figuring methodologies for enhanced security. ovides members specialized preparing on the ideas and programming procedures expected to create applications for cell phones. Members will figure out how to utilize distinctive android libraries. Guidance is supported with live ventures which will enable understudies to get a handle on ideas of the entire versatile application improvement life-cycle.


Hacking is not about the illegal things it's all about how to secure your cyberspace and system from attacks. In this workshop cyber ethics, email hacking & security, malware attacks, windows system attacks,online data Investigation,credit card frauds & Cases, playing with google by google hacking, android mobile hacking etc. topics will be covered. This workshop aims to give Technocrats a basic knowledge of hacking and how to protect your system against hazardous effects.


WhatsApp Hack is all about WhatsApp Hacking and Security workshop. In this workshop we are going to cover some big WhatsApp vulnerability and hacking techniques of hacker. The main aim of this workshop is to give Technocrats a deep knowledge of WhatsApp hacking and how to protect your WhatsApp against hazardous effects.


Certification of Participation for Every Students.

Certicate for Workshop Quiz Winners.

Certification for Co-Ordicators.

Ethical Hacking Software Toolkit.

Booklet on Different Concepts of Ethical Hacking.

Software Tools For Practical Sessions.

Chance to Work With Shine Edge on a Inforamation Security Ethical Hacking and Cyber Forensics Projects for First of Ten Winners.

Complimentary Special Appreciation Certificate for Top Ten Winners.

Complimentary 50% off on Shine Edge Official Trainings.


Track Regular Track
Duration 02 - 03 Days
Hours 8 hours a day
WorkShop Quiz Competetion In the last of the Course