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E-Mail has become one of the official and professional ways to communicate and be in touch with peoples. As the majority of the people are now habitual to check their email ID once, it has become one of the best ways to perform Digital Marketing.

Our expert team of Digital Marketing is always ready with their creative ideas to make your email marketing successful. The team ensures quick set up and starts posting professional emails. We ensure few checkpoints with each client to deliver WOW service 

  • A dedicated expert to understand and plan strategy
  • Setting up or optimizing an account
  • Design template for mobile responsive site
  • Automatic email to Welcome
  • Creating and sending Emails
  • Sharing reports of the performance


What should you opt for Email Marketing?

  1.  Subscribe to Newsletter – Helps to establish an easy connection between you and your customer by periodically newsletters or round-up
  2. Target the Bulls Eye – Frequently sending the email about the new products, services, or features to the targeted crowd or genuine people helps to convert the inquiry into a deal.
  3. Lead to Fast Action – The biggest advantage of email marketing is that it encourages a person to tempt for purchasing. When compared with any other marketing techniques, Email Marketing allows the customer to experience and understand the offer which helps them to understand their use and purchase the same in simply few clicks. This action link helps the customer to directly connect to the supplier without any sales drive or other channels.
  4. Easy Creating – There is no requirement for a huge team or intelligent technical professionals to execute the campaign successfully. Whereas the campaign can be simply started with the help of few creative and fancy templates, images, logos or videos. Even there are campaigns which are been successful being executed with the help of simple text emails, thus the content of the email plays an important role.
  5. Easy Sharing or Forwarding – When a customer get to know about the great offering by your company, even if he is not aware but can forward your offering to the genuine person who can be his or her family members, friends, colleague, etc. which can help to convert the email into a deal and increase the list of your followers or subscribers.

What we do ?

Shine Edge also provides bulk email service with the help of its young, creative and experienced team in a very professional way. Our bulk email service includes below-mentioned services –

  • Easy and friendly tool
  • Email sender is developed a Web-based platform
  • Can be initiated or send from anywhere across the globe. Thus, you can keep earning while enjoying your holiday or vacation
  •  Free setup and hosting
  • Tested and proven technology for sending bulk emails
  • Sending and tracking the bulk emails in real time
  • User-friend and advanced email marketing tool to create content yourself

So, what are you waiting for? Get a bulk email services provider in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad or anywhere in India by simply submitting the query form.

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