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Online Reputation Management

Shine Edge Technologies has ability in conveying redone online notoriety the executives benefit to patch up,ensure,and screen corporate and individual notoriety on the web.Our ORM administrations are engaged at impacting your image mindfulness and guaranteeing complete ahilation of negative postings appearing on internet search.

Online Reputation Management Services Include?

Build And Manage Reputation

Our services help to build and manage the online reputation of your company by controlling the online conversations. It helps to present your company's best results forward to make it more popular. More people would like to engage in your site if you are able to provide the exact thing which they intend to find in the search engines.

Recover Online Reputation

We help to recover the lost online reputation through different social media platforms and providing such information which can attract more and more customers. Our company also helps to fix the damage which has occurred earlier and provide necessary alternatives to your company for recovering.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Our online reputation management company monitors the online reputation of your company. our services help to make your company or site popular by crafting several plans and influencing the outlook of the individuals regarding the entity, company or the organization on the internet. It manipulates the public opinion.

Remove Negative Comment

An ideal online reputation management company would always remove the unnecessary and the negative comments from your website which can harm your company or organization’s reputation. Our ORM services retaliate to the misleading feedback of the customers and allow you to put the best of your company forward.

Develop Positive Reputation

They always try to satisfy your customers by putting the best information forward on your website.Our services try to develop a positive reputation for your website and social platform. It would help your website look great online because that ultimately decide the career of your organization.

Brand Yourself

Here client manage their reputation online on their own. What they do is guide them throughout the process. They give all the required help and feedback they need in order to improve the reputation and stand in the online world. They offer their reputation management services for both, the individuals as well as businesses.

Online Reputation Management Program

Current Status Analysis

We begin with the task of monitoring the online conversations about you. In an attempt to fetch real time information about your brand, we run an ongoing analysis and study your professional, private, and business related reputation management across the total scale of online media. This includes blogs, social networking,news,etc.

Strategy Building

A reputation management performance scorecard is prepared to give you clear insights on how you have been perceived so far, in the online industry. It explains whether you need to build your brand reputation or have to come up with a reputation recovery plan to combat with the existing negative feedbacks.

Continuous Monitoring

Measuring the overall impact of your online reputation management program and maintaining it is the pivotal part of our ORM and maintenance services. Throughout our ORM process, we run continuous reporting to get concrete web metrics to introduce beneficial tweaking in our strategy, as required.

Why You Need An Online Reputation Management

Increase Sales

Many people are researching brands, services, and products online before they make the final purchase decision. Do you know what they are looking for? If not, then you are already missing out. What difference do your marketing campaigns make if you are not sure what message is being received by the people you are trying to reach?

Build Trust And Credibility

Having the trust of your clients is a major component of success. Your clients discuss their purchases with friends and when they have a problem they will most likely spread the word about their experience. The internet makes everyone a citizen journalist and you should now worry about negative content spreading like wildfire online.

Show Your Best Side

Current and potential investors, corporations, banks, and the general public are all going online to research your business before doing business with you. Look at investors as simply being consumers on a different level. These investors don’t know your company well enough and will often make decisions on the information that is available to them.

Online Insights

Gossip, speculation, and rumors have destroyed great names in the past and many businesses have lost the confidence of their target market due to this. Today it’s very common to see a celebrity or business with an associated scandal to simply vanish.Quite often this happens by an abundance of all the negative information floating around about them.


A good online reputation drives in applications in high volume for any job openings. And it’s no secret that a good, qualified candidate will always do his or her research online before accepting an interview call or even applying to your company. Your company’s online reputation can be the deciding factor in the candidate saying yes to you.

Build A Brand Image

Constantly monitoring the responses to any form of communication online can help create the brand image your company desires. Putting out a social media post? Understand how your customers are reacting to the same, to make the next post which may elicit more positive reaction.So much can go right as well as wrong while going online with your brand.