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Welcome To Shine Edge Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Shine Edge Technologies is a company dedicated to be a part of social and political transformation. We are passionate about the future that our country holds. We will witness the bright future that is coming in near future. Now this our responsibility to give the nation that it really deserves.

Shine Edge is an online marketing company which deals with many different areas of marketing in various nation or state level campaign. If you have a big agenda or a big idea that can change your constituency, state, or this nation for better, then we are the one who will stand behind you.

We have a range of services to help your campaign achieve big success in upcoming events or elections. We achieved tremendous success while integrated following services to state and national level campaigns:

Missed Call – This is a proven strategy to spread your message as it doesn’t require any charge to call you. People are more likely to give a missed call than to actually calling you.

IVR – You can take their feedback and opinion on various issues. The really people are ones who see the problems first hand and thus their opinion has extreme value. Take their opinion and feedback on agriculture, infrastructure, industries, medical, governance, social security and entrepreneurship development.

Toll-free – Justice and information should always be free. Free information allows ideas to spread openly and thus build respect for every citizen in the country. The voice of the people has the power to change the nation, don’t let it silence because of political prejudices, but come and join the campaign for better state and better country that will lead us to a better world for every human being, here on the earth.

Voice Calls – Voice call help instant reach to the people, educate them in their own language, urge their support in your political agenda, solve their problem more effectively, value their opinion, protect their life and ensure growth and prosperity via voice calls.

SMS Marketing – SMS marketing helps you reach every individual in the country, and educate them about various state and national level issues that are directly related to their lives and their future. You can help them chose great leaders, leaders who can shape a marvelous future of our country.

Social Media Optimization – You can leverage the power of social media. Now, you can use technology to convey your message almost instantly and with effective animation. Shine Edge is a digital marketing company which dominating the Indian market, and it really understands the pulse of India. It really knows the trigger points pull a big avalanche of political or social support to make a movement.

Shine Edge working with many social and political influencers to expend their context and build credibility for them. If you are looking for a digital agency that has the potential to take your ideas and spread them and earn high amount of people’s trust and support then contact us now!

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