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Pay Per Click aka PPC is one of the Digital Marketing techniques to increase the visibility of your website. In this technique, the advertisers pay a specific amount every time when any of their advertisement is been clicked. In another word, it can be explained that you are buying visitors to visit your website.

Best PPC Company in Noida

We at Shine Edge, being a PPC services provider in India mainly focus on search engine advertising and are successful being a PPC company. Being a PPC company in Delhi, we would like to inform that whenever an ad is clicked, and a visitor is routed to your website, we have to pay a small fee to the search engine. Our PPC expert and certified team advise and recommend to execute PPC service as any needy person who takes help of search engine to get any service or product will directly land on your website and the half deal is cracked there.


Having a team of highly qualified, certified and experienced team, we being a PPC advertising agency offer various SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services such as –

  1.  Ad Copyright creation
  2. Creating page for the landing of PPC
  3. Initiating Ad Campaign
  4. Management of Campaigning report
  5. Campaign Report Management
  6. Ensure high lead and sales
  7. Planning, executing and monitoring the strategy of Paid Search
  8. Ensure the rise in ROI (Return on Investment)
  9. Improvement in paid traffic
  10. Managing Bid

Shine Edge, being a PPC Company in Noida and along with the great experienced team, we provide our various solutions to any size of business. The solution we offer is in PPC services. 

1) Exposure globally

2) Ability to track in real-time

3) Fully flexible and controlled

4) Immediate visibility of searches

5) Extraordinary way to remarket

6) Expansion of business

7) Boosting the targeting keywords

Selecting Shine Edge for your company or business PPC services technique, you will be benefited because –

  1. a) We have our strong presence in Pan India and strong international client’s portfolio
  2. b) Our well qualified, certified, and experienced team members professionally and ethically handle the bid prices to ensure the solution meets your budget. The team is well aware of how to use the resources in achieving the target and not to spend the valuable investment of money for irrelevant clicks.
  3. c) Our team handles the entire Pay per Click (PPC) marketing campaigns professionally. This helps to make use of time efficiently and with high responsibilities and maintenance.
  4. d) Being confident in our team’s experience and expertise, we are committed to keeping our clients ROI rising from day one.
  5. e) The team continuously keep on researching and monitoring the marketplace for the trending strategies. The team identifies the aim and goal of your business and customize the PPC services plans accordingly and execute in a very professional and positive way to ensure maximum outcomes.


If you are interested in growing or expanding your company’s visibility quickly nationally or globally, feel free to contact Shine Edge for a free quotation of PPC services 

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