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Robotics is the study of robots.Robots are machines that can be used to replace human task.Some robots are intelligent enough do work by themselves and some of them are manually control which requires a person telling them what to do.

What is Robomax

Robomax is a Robotics & Wireless Automation Training Program. This program will help your students to aware of recent technology and develop their skills on different technologies. The lab aims to work on research problems and innovative projects that extend the state of the art in robotics.

ROBOMAX help students to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical learning by providing them in depth knowledge of various machines. We invite students to work upon the best and latest technologies in the ever fast changing world and also train students. We believe in extensive full depth training to the students, on the practical projects they want to work upon as per their choice. We helps school in providing smart education. We create Robotic Lab in Schools and provide robotic/electronic components and professional trainers to schools.

Need Of Robomax

We are living in a technology Rich World,with the exponential growth in new technologies and advancement in science,there is an utmost need to understand basic functionality of these technologies and how can they use it to their advantage in future.Some of the technologies may be uncommon today but would become a reality in future and those who have an overall knowledege on different technologi

Levels Of Workshop

LEVEL-1(2 Month)

 Introduction to basic science concepts

  Introduction to Hardware Tools

  Introduction to Basic Concept

LEVEL-2(6 Month)

 Robot Designing Practical's

 Super Bike Robot

 Automatic Waiter System

LEVEL-3(8 Month)

 Introduction to Hardware Concepts

 Practical Projects on Bread Board

 Introduction to Basic Concept

LEVEL-4(8 Month)

 Introduction to Programming & Software

 study of Arduino Board

 Study of Arduino software

LEVEL-5(8 Month)

Introduction to ROBOTICS Applications

Introduction to ROBO Racing

Introduction to Human Robot

LEVEL-6(4 Month)

 3D Printer

 Drone Automation

 Smart Phone Control Drone


Certification of Participation for Every Students.

Certicate for Workshop Quiz Winners.

Certification for Co-Ordicators.

Robotics Development Software Toolkit.

Booklet on Different Concepts of Robotics Development.

Software Tools For Practical Sessions.

Chance to Work With Shine Edge on a Robotics Development Projects for First of Ten Winners.

Complimentary Special Appreciation Certificate for Top Ten Winners.

Complimentary 50% off on Shine Edge Official Trainings.